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The new smallest Javascript video library

vLitejs is a fast and lightweight Javascript library to customize and skin native HTML5 video and Youtube video. Only 5Kb on production with gzip, vLitejs has no dependency with any framework or library and is written in Javascript native.



vLitejs was created with the minimum functionality required for a video player with a custom theme. The performance and weight of the library are therefore very important and this is the main vision of vLitejs.

The library is composed of a Javascript Player class, extended by Youtube and HTML5 videos. It is therefore possible to add other popular video services in the future.

Github & npm

The plugin is available as the vlitejs package name on Github and npm.
If you like the project, like it on Github 😃


Browsers support

The project is fully compatible with the most popular web browsers. More information about the HTML5 video support on Can I Use. HTML and CSS files are W3C valid.


vLitejs and his documentation are licensed under the MIT License.
Created with ♥ by @yoriiis.



Many thanks to Maxime LEROUGE for its contribution and Victor Schirm for the vLitejs logo 👍